7T7 Seventyseven was born for a mission of “learning Vietnamese in the easiest ways” for Vietnamese learners.

Our vision is to teach the basic, fundamental and natural ordered methods so that learners comprehend the language naturally and also in accurate approach to advance self study on the way.

It depends on the purpose of learners and on how deep learner’s goal for studying Vietnamese to decide for associated books, programs or learning methods.

Base on learner’s demands which 7T7 Seventyseven center will customize for study time, period, books and suitable methods for each. In all, it follows our vision “Learning Vietnamese in the easiest methods”.

We focus more on ‘practicing’ for learning in happiness and also comprehend Vietnamese naturally and effectively.

When training we conduct in Vietnamese and only explain for further understanding in English if needed or required. Conducting training in Vietnamese will benefit more for learners from different continents and learning in natural ways.

Still hesitate? Try “learning by playing” with our published videos via Facebook or Youtube. For suitable and effective training, contact us for customized courses. It can be only few hours or weeks but we can refine from your inaccurate errors, outline the learning process or get exactly what you need to overcome the barriers of the another language approaching – Vietnamese.

Please contact us at +849 247 67 97 or send us via anthonyhoangnguyen@gmail.com

7T7 Seventy seven center is located at 160/38 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Anthony Hoang Khai Nguyen
7T7 Seventyseven Center Director